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CIO Services and what it means for your business:


  • Create vision and objectives for IT-enabled capabilities that enable business innovation for the organization 

  • Technology stewardship of transnational events, incorporating both integration and divestiture activities 

  • Execute and communicate the company’s workplace technology strategy to the board, management, staff, partners, customers, and stakeholders 

  • Establish joint business/IT innovation process to deliver product and service innovations supporting the in vision 

  • Possess an understanding of data and analytics, and develop a strategy to fully utilize existing information to create the maximum impact for business and customers 

  • Create vision and objectives for transformation of IT processes, capabilities, enterprise architecture and operating model in support of business transformation vision 

  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with senior business leadership to gain their active support for transformation agenda 

  • Attract, develop, and retain top talent to continually improve IT capabilities necessary to increase performance of the organization 

  • Define and maintain an IT core competency strategy and plan to guide talent investments and focus 

  • Establish on-going change management capabilities to support major innovation and transformation programs 

  • Create/enhance risk management strategy, policies, processes, and controls to mitigate organization exposure 

  • Establish and maintain effective governance for IT controls 

  • Manage technology obsolescence and vendor risks 

  • Define and execute forward-looking plans to develop relevant new technology skills and capabilities 

  • Establish and operate a joint business/IT governance process to prioritize and approve IT investments 

  • Establish an on-going communication process to share updates on IT financial performance and value delivered to the organization 

A Corporate Strategy to your Business

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